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The busbars are used to supply lifting equipment like: cranes, hoists and other industrial machinery.

We recommend our new four-pole insulated conductor rails UNILIFT - ULA !

For intensities of: 35A, 50A, 80A, 100A to 120A

4 – pole insulated conductor rails UNILIFT - ULA

4 – pole insulated conductor rails UNILIFT - ULA

Conductor rails UNILIFT - ULA are designed for powering mobile receivers, mostly lifting devices like
cranes and hoists. However, they can be applied for many other types of machines.

Conductor rails UNILIFT - ULA are made in 4-pole version for nominal currents 35A, 50A, 80A,100A and 120A with already mounted copper stripes. They are equipped with innovative bolted joint system (UNILIFT patent), providing fast, easy and certain connection.

The construction of  UNILIFT - ULA takes into account the difference between thermal extensibility of copper wires and PVC housing.

Conductor rails UNILIFT - ULA ensure safety and reliable exploitation.

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Conductor rails - MOBILIS MOVIT:  individually insulated

Conductor rails - MOBILIS MOVIT: individually insulate...

Designet in aluminium with a stainles steel track for the contact sufaces, it offers you high conductivity, light weight, competitive production costs and flexibility of shape. With a clearance between rails of 50 mm, the aesthetic, compact design takes up minimum space minimises voltage drops due to its low line impedance.

The collector brush has innovative reinforced insulation, and the shape of the contact track enhances the quality and reliability of current collection. High speed collector travels up to 600 m/min. 

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